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Friends Only

You know the drill. Comment to be added, so I know who you are!

As for me, my name is Crow. I am a writer, a roleplayer, a mostly-adult, and a bit of a gamer. You likely know me from either World of Warcraft or Livejournal, and I promise I'm a nice person! Feel free to add me, herein lie trolls, ranting, wow jargon, gay trolls, haughty bloodelves, poncy draenei, weird stories, and half-assed rambling that makes very little sense even to me.

You've totally been warned xD
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[personal profile] mydarkrosaline 2012-01-28 09:46 am (UTC)(link)
We should write things with our haughty bloodelves sometime.

Also, totally dropping in here to say I love your icons babe xD
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Hithisisme ♥